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We build, implement and maintain an efficient sales, automation and training center management system

Full-fledged implementation based on Alfa and Kommo CRM

reduce customer losses by 30%

increase control over reporting

automates sales processes

The best CRM solutions for educational centers

Who needs automation and sales management and why?

There are different roles in the business processes of any training center, so when implementing AlfaCRM and KommoCRM, we take into account the needs of each
income, expense

Our task is to help the owner of the training center automate the work of administrators, teachers and managers. So that they can move away from endless Google tables to work inside a single CRM system. They fulfilled the effectively set goals of their position.
You will have the opportunity to analyze the situation in your business in 5 minutes. For any cross-section for a year, for a month, for a week, get the data promptly:
stability of operation
visits and work-outs
outflow, active, new
  • sending notifications,
  • invoicing,
  • calculating salaries for teachers,
  • deducting
  • work with visits from subscriptions
Minimize errors and losses
We will help you to unload and automate routine tasks
More time to "work with" clients, and not to fill out tables
We automate it
The ability to create a client in alpha without leaving the familiar KommoCRM environment, record trial lessons and groups
We will help you sell and earn more at the expense of thoughtful logic leading the client to the sale
Track every customer's movement through the sales funnel
We will equip you with convenient control tools
Keep up to date with all events, receive notifications on new lessons, cancellations and postponements
We will help you set up a system for marking visits
Record academic performance, quickly form and distribute homework
Get mobile access to your online schedule
Our Com’ontech automation studio — is a team of specialized specialists. We only work with online schools and training centers. This gives you the opportunity to study and be experts in the education automation niche more deeply
Every day we study the tasks and requirements for automation of educational centers. The accumulated knowledge base increases the level of our expertise every day

We use not only ready-made solutions, but
also develop our own platform and integration services

We close it every month
8-10 comprehensive projects for training centers


Stages of work

At the zoom meeting, we delve into the processes and form the requirements for the setup. This is necessary in order to understand where the leads come from, what are the main communication channels used, who works with incoming leads, how are they processed, how does the learning management process work?

Audit of the current situation


Selection of IT solutions

After the audit, we understand which set of automation tools is needed. Upon completion of the stage, we provide the concept of a CRM project: what needs to be implemented, how much it costs and how long it can be implemented
a generated document with the cost, deadlines and types of work
By filling out the checklist, we can see which IT solutions will be needed and which will not

Configuration and refinement

At this stage, we are configuring the system according to the terms of reference. If necessary, we develop additional functionality: analytical reports, dashboards, integration with external services

Training and support

We divide the training by roles:
The result:
a completely ready-made system for work
managers are trained to work in the system, and managers are trained to read analytics
we show some scenarios to managers, others to management;
we record all the training videos;
We create a personal page on the website where we post educational materials;
We provide technical and consulting support


The creation of the digital IT infrastructure of the training center implies a certain set of services that work harmoniously with each other. Through long-term research and studying the experience of using certain platforms, we have selected the best tools on the market for building an optimal IT infrastructure
This is a CRM system for accounting for customers and transactions, which will help to control and increase sales of the training center. KOMMO CRM integrates with website, messengers, social networks, advertising cabinets and analytics


ERP system for automation of educational processes: creating an online schedule, accounting for subscriptions, conducting lessons, planning tasks and workload.




integration that allows you to establish interaction between KOMMO CRM and AlfaCRM. It allows you to create student and parent accounts from the amoCRM interface, and record individual and group trial classes.
integration that allows you to establish interaction between KOMMO CRM and AlfaCRM. It allows you to create student and parent accounts from the amoCRM interface, and record individual and group trial classes.
We are building, implementing and maintaining an effective sales automation and training center management system

IT infrastructure audit

If you are already using any solutions, we will check on the checklist what you have configured, how well it is used and what can be improved.

Implementation of AlfaCRM for small centers

Budget solutions based on the AlfaCRM platform. For beginner training centers and schools with up to 300 students. Automation is performed using the standard tools of the platform + additional integrations.

Implementation of AlfaCRM + KOMmoCRM for large centers

Full automation of sales processes and educational production. For training centers with a dedicated sales department with 300 students or more. A solution based on the KommoCRM + AlfaCRM platforms and a stack based on integrations

Development of integrations for AlfaCRM

We develop integrations for AlfaCRM as a subscription service and individual ones for the client

Development of analytics services for KOMmoCRM and AlfaCRM

Pulling data from CRM systems into an external database. Based on the received array of information, we create unique reports and dashboards in BI systems

Configuring ALFAMO Integration

Advanced setup + combining databases of Kommo and Alfa students

Creating effective websites

Creation/redesign of effective websites for educational centers


AlfaCRM-based solutions are used by 5000+ training centers

Don't you know where to start?

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